Digital multi-band downlink carrier aggregation for all basestations

wireless data_manMobile data consumption is exploding on a massively global scale.

Anytime, anywhere connectivity is the norm for consumers and businesses. The proliferation of smart phones, tablets and other devices, coupled with the skyrocketing use of data-intensive mobile apps such as video and gaming, is straining mobile networks. This doesn’t even take in account what is looming on the horizon—potentially billions of devices sharing data, in many cases over wireless networks, via the Internet of Things.

The industry is looking to carrier aggregation technologies for an answer.  The team at PlusN is providing it.

PlusN has developed an innovative and efficient, digital multi-band downlink carrier aggregation solution for all base stations. It expands the capacity in, and enhances the value of, mobile data networks.

The patented Smart Carrier Aggregator™ delivers efficient and lossless intra-band/inter-band aggregation of 2 to 5 carriers for all basestation downlink transmitters. It is compatible with today’s LTE and emerging LTE-A handsets.  Aggregation is performed at the basestation—traditional and small cell—improving the efficiency of the original carriers in the process.

It is the highest data capacity software-based carrier aggregation solution for all LTE and LTE-A basestation downlinks.