PlusN enables commercial wireless operators to increase the capacity of their existing infrastructure by up to 100%.

Specifically, PlusN makes spectrum more efficient for data transmission.

Use Cases

Rural LTE Operators

  • Extend range
  • Cover more subs with the same hardware and spectrum licenses

Urban LTE Operators

  • Increase capacity
  • Faster network


  • Reduce PAPR (Peak-to-Average Power Ratio)
  • Avoid backing off the power

Equipment Manufacturers

  • Reduce PAPR
  • Higher order constellations

Futuristic Technologies

  • More favorable tradeoff between PAPR and error
  • Control over this tradeoff

Smart Carrier Aggregator (SCA)

SCA is software that runs inside the PlusN aftermarket box connected between an existing baseband unit and an existing remote radiohead. Instead, SCA can run inside a baseband unit or small cell with help from the manufacturer.

This software shifts the phases of waveforms in order to combine them optimally for downlink, intra-band carrier aggregation. The aggregated waveform results in minimized peak power needs in the Power Amplifier. The lower PAPR enables more range or more capacity for a cellular site.

The cellular site can employ more power to extend the range (e.g., rural LTE). Alternatively, to meet a specific PAPR tolerance (e.g., urban LTE), PlusN’s tone injection coupled with SCA introduces less Error Vector Magnitude than the use of Crest Factor Reduction or tone injection from the original PAPR starting point. The cleaner signal allows for using a higher constellation that transmits data faster.

Without SCA

With SCA

The cellular site map can reach any subscriber with increased speed.

Without SCA

With SCA

Resources and Intellectual Property

PlusN has been awarded 13 US patents with 292 claims as well as patents in four other countries with more applications pending.

  • A system that controls combined radio signals (six patents with 141 claims).

  • A radio frequency carrier aggregation system (five patents with 112 claims).

  • A system that dynamically changes the quality of service for individual cellular radio subscribers (two patents with 39 claims).

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